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2 red boys from my A-litter

About Tonje H!

I bought my first dog when I was thirteen years old. A beautiful Siberian husky male, with iceblue eyes and his name was Taiko. We trained obedience and went to different courses, but best of all was when Taiko pulled me on mini ski. Some more huskies moved in to my life, and at the most I had 16 dogs counting both adult and puppies. We moved to the mountain and lived happy-dog-days until the money ran out.

When we had to choose between food for the dogs or diapers for my son, we realised that we had to do something. We sold all our dogs and I moved back to Halden. The son got clothes and diapers, and we wanted to have a dog again.

I bought my first Doberman and his name was Doberguard`s Pablo Picasso. I got interested in dogshows and drove around a lot during some years to get Nuch and Such. We competed in obedience class 2. He was a good workingdog. He also was a watchdog, working with me in Falken. Unfortunately Pablo got cancer only 7 years old, but he was working until his last day.

This time i wanted a small dog, but with a Dobermans personality and grace. I chose Miniaturepinscher. We contacted Camalis kennel in Sweden, and two beautiful red girls moved in to our home. Thank you, Carola, for these wonderful dogs. I have found my dog in life and heart.

And after some year, the feeling of something was missing in my life get bigger and bigger, a big dog. Sow a yellow labrador retriever enter my life, a sweet little boy named Rusty.



Oppdate 6/4-14
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